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Roman military trial

  The objective of this reconstruction is to expose, in a didactic way and with the available data, how such a severe and even bloody act could be developed, such as a trial in a military context.


  It places us at the end of the third century of our era and allows us to show in the same scene late military equipment, civil clothing and even legal expressions of the time.

  To perform this representation we take as a model the events described by the classical poet Aurelio Prudencio, the martyrdom of the saints Emeterio and Celedonio, Roman soldiers from the middle of the third century.


  It seems that they refused to comply with the imperial order to honor the Roman gods, to go against their Christian beliefs, for which they were arrested, tried and condemned to death.


  In this reconstruction we represent the different phases of a military trial, with the characters that intervene (vicar, exceptor, praeco...), in two different scenes: the arrest of the soldiers and the trial and condemnation of the same.


  A raconteur tells and conducts the action and is responsible for translating the texts that are pronounced in Latin.

Reconstruction of a military trial: main characters and edícula

Roman era painting: representation of a trial

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