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Cohors I Gallica

Historical Reenactment Group


About us

  The Cohors I Gallica is a cultural nonprofit organization deditated to the study, reenactment and the dissemination and the historical heritage of the roman age, specifically the late antiquity (late roman) period (end of III century AD to IV century AD).

  The Cohors faithfully replicates the costumes, domestic use objects, medical and military items, armament and furniture both civil and military, which is enriched by recreations and speeches about the ancient roman army’s armament, its composition and its military tactics, the everyday life, the religious rites, the culture, customs and traditions…


  Thereby, and to make known the lifestyles and military elements of that age, dissemination activities like infant workshops, demonstrations, conferences, expositions and publications are organized. The organization attends similar themed events.



  For the Cohors I Gallica association it is essential to endeavor to reproduce the different elements, objects and materials that shape the appropriate environment for the activities we develop.


  The archaeological remains, the artistic and architectural evidences, the research and the interpretation of the specialists, offer us clues to reconstruct elements of the Roman era.

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