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Military maneuvers and artillery

  The study and the scientific research are the essential previous steps to reproduce adequately and with historical rigor, both the military practices and actions, as well as the elements used in these actions.


  Therebuilt activities require the support of objects and different equipment that, not only constitute elements of props, but at the same time must be able to provide their functionality and correctly develop the tasks for which they were manufactured.

  Through exhibitions and dynamic explanations, we make known how the army was at that time: the equipment and armament, how it was fought, maneuvers and combat tactics (defense and attack), the kind of soldiers, life within the legions, different military units…

“Cuneum” attack maneuver

“Foulkon” defense maneuver

  One of the many abilities of the legionaries was the use of throwing weapons. The use of the sling, the spiculum (a version of the late imperial pilum), the verutum (javelin), the plumbata, etc., was of obligatory training. The bow, the ballista, the onagro, were handled by specialized soldiers trained for it.



  The artillery exhibitions of Cohors I Gallica are one of the most spectacular reconstruction activities we carry out. In addition to showing the handling of the different artillery elements, we have reconstructed replicas of weapons and machines, all of them functional, to show the viewer the use of all these elements.

COH I GALL artillery exhibition with the ballista

Quiroballista detail from the Trajan's Column

Slinger specialist

Sling’s projectile: lead and stone glans

Archery exhibition

Ancla Ofrenda Jupiter

Offering to Jupiter

  Prior to military action, soldiers used to make a sacrifice (offering) to the God Jupiter, to request his protection and success in battle.


  The Tribune of the unit marshals the soldiers around the altar and commands the acolyte to light the fire in the manner of the time, using a steel link and a piece of flint.


  Once the sacred fire is lit, the Tribune will begin the offering reciting a prayer in Latin. After the prayer of praise, all the legionaries perform the sacrifice in honor of Jupiter:

"Conserva Numerum Omnium Militantium"

(Protect all soldiers in this unit)


Links and flint

Jupiter’s rays. Pictorical detail of a rhombus

Offering to Jupiter reenactment

Julio Terencio Tribune and his soldiers performing a sacrifice to the gods. Painting of Dura-Europos III century.

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