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authepsa_01 - copia.jpg

In classical antiquity, an authepsa or autepsa, was a vessel used for water heating. Our reconstruction is based on the authepsa found in AUGST.

  This roman “water heater” was used in the convivium, as many mosaics prove.

  The hot water provided by the authepsa was mixed with wine.

authepsa_03 - copia.jpg
authepsa_04_patas - copia.jpg

Detail of the three legs of the authepsa.

authepsa_05_grifo - copia.jpg

The tap was bull shape.

authepsa_07_tapa - copia.jpg

Top of the authepsa with its cover.

authepsa_06_detallegrifo - copia.jpg

Detail of the tap and opening lever.

authepsa_08_sintapa - copia.jpg

Combustion tube where the coal burned. And the hole to fill water

authepsa_09_en plato - copia.jpg

Replica made by Cohors I Gallica.

authepsa_ORIGINAL - copia.jpg

Authepsa found in Augst.

Photography of Augusta Raurica Museum.

We wish to express our gratitude to Jose María Lagunas, from Bronces Romanos en España, due to his cooperation this project has been carried out.

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